Advice for Visitors of Scottish Golf Courses

With so many courses welcoming both members and visitors alike, there is a course for just about any skill level and preference, no matter in which part of Scotland you want to play the game.

Playing Golf on Historic Golf Courses

Want to play golf on the legendary Old Course at St Andrews? Muirfield or other historic golf course? Most golfer do when making a trip to Scotland. Playing golf on some of the world’s oldest and most impressive golf courses is every golfer’s dream. But while most of them are open to visitors including those that are owned by private golf clubs, getting a tee time can be very challenging if you don’t plan weeks or in some cases, months in advance. To play golf on some of Scotland’s finest golf courses, you are recommended to book as soon as possible.

Another thing you should keep in mind when planning a golfing trip to Scotland is that many of the country’s best courses have handicap limits, with some even requiring a handicap certificate. Also, don’t forget to inform yourself about the dress code.

Beyond Golf…

Though you probably only want to play golf, it is worth to keep in mind that Scotland has a lot to offer and that there are many other things to see and experience. If you aren’t planning to return any time soon or haven’t been in the country before, it may be a good idea to consider golf vacation packages that also include visiting the nearby attractions.

The Notorious Scottish Weather and Getting Around

Weather isn’t Scotland’s greatest asset. However, it’s not as bad as most people think. But it’s also true that it can change very rapidly. Also, there are major differences from one place to another and it isn’t unusual to have sunshine and heavy rain within a diameter smaller than 10 miles. Check the weather forecast before you start packing but regardless of good is the forecast, pack some warm clothing.

Scotland has an excellent public transport but it’s a good idea to hire a car, especially if you would like to take advantage of your trip to the “Home of Golf” to visit other country’s prime attractions. Also, it’s a lot faster and more convenient to get around with a car than trains and buses.