Golfing in Scotland - Finding a Place to Sleep and Eat

If you aren’t from Scotland and would like to hit the ball on some of the country’s finest golf courses, you will obviously need to find a place to sleep. And eat! But while most golf clubs include a clubhouse with a restaurant or at least a bar with snacks, you don’t really have to worry about going hungry. Finding accommodation, on the other hand, can be a little bit more challenging unless you decide for one of these two options:

Scotland is also home to many spectacular golf courses which don’t include accommodation on their grounds. The good news is that a place to sleep and eat usually isn’t far away. But to make the most out of your trip to Scotland and spend most of the time enjoying the game rather than travelling to the greens, it is a good idea to look for golf courses that are conveniently close to major towns because the bigger the town, the bigger the choice of accommodation, not to mention the chance of finding a room.

If you decide for more remote golf courses, you are highly recommended inform yourself about the distance of the nearest available accommodation that suits your needs and budget in advance.