Membership to Scottish Golf Clubs

There are hundreds of golf clubs in Scotland, with most of them being extremely open to new members. And very accessible too as they normally have many different membership options, appealing to the needs of most golfers. Both advanced ones and total beginners.

As much as membership fee and the actual membership structure are concerned, every golf club has its own policy. But in general, you can choose between the following options.

This is the most common form of membership to any golf club around the world, not only in Scotland. Golfers opting for full membership enjoy access to their favourite golf course seven days a week for the duration of their membership which usually has to be renewed after one year. Another very popular type of membership is the so-called five day structure which, like its name suggests, gives you access to the golf course during weekdays. Just like full members, those with five day structure usually also enjoy a number of other membership benefits such as discount on food and drinks, free or discounted access to other club facilities, and access to club competitions.

This type of membership is obviously intended for families and seeks to make the game more accessible to all family members. Many golf clubs offer different categories of family membership which besides access to the golf course also include various extras such as discount on food and drinks, access to academy or/and junior golf lessons, access to practice ground and other club facilities, etc.

Just because your current golfing skill isn’t at the highest level that doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t become a club member. On the contrary, many golf clubs are very happy welcome beginner golfers. They even offer a membership structure to help beginners become better players. The so-called academy membership thus typically includes golfing lessons, full access to practice facilities and other benefits, often at a very accessible joining fee.

To qualify for this membership category, you normally have to be younger than 17 years. Juniors who have just taken up the game are usually offered group coaching lessons, access to practice facilities and other useful and fun things. Their more advanced counterparts, on the other hand, usually enjoy full access to the golf course and junior competitions, while many golf clubs also periodically organise special coaching sessions with an aim to help their youngest members advance to a higher level.

This membership category is apparently aiming at business owners and companies that want to entertain their business partners/clients or employees by enabling them access to the golf course. Corporate members typically also take advantage of access to other club facilities, most notably the clubhouse to hold meetings, parties and other social events.